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“You Were Not Born To Be Plagued With Pain, Sickness or Dis-Ease…You Were Born To Be Healthy!”

From the Desk of Dr. Jose Orta, 
Ft. Lauderdale Chiropractor, Mind, Body and Spirit Chiropractic

Hi! My name is Dr. Jose Orta, I’m a Chiropractor in Ft. Lauderdale and I want to take a moment to share a very personal story with you.

First of all, before we begin, let me pre-frame this story by letting you know up front that it’s very hard for me to talk about this sometimes.  Life as I knew it, almost ended tragically and when I recall that fateful day, it sometimes chokes me up.

You see, this story takes place many, many moons ago, when I was a Senior in High School.  The year was 1984 and I was the top dog on my High School Swimming team. I was preparing for a big district meet with my teammates and I was training every single day with perfection.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but Michael Phelps wouldn’t have stood a chance against me. lol …okay, maybe that’s a little much, but seriously…I was really good.


Well, one day during practice, my coach had us practicing our dives off the blocks and as I was climbing the steps of the block, I was running the entire process through my mind, step by step, and really focusing on my approach into the water.

…and then it happened.

As I was diving off the block, I lost focus (just for a split second) and as a result, I was involved in a horrible diving accident. An accident that almost left me paralyzed.

It was by far, the most tragic day in my life and I was very, very scared at the time.  I saw my whole life flash in front of my eyes.  I began to wonder what would happen if I ended up paralyzed.

Lucky for me, I didn’t end up paralyzed and  I thank God every day for that.  I thank Him that it wasn’t any worse than it was.

I scared a lot of people that day (including myself) and the truth was, afterwards when I could still move all my limbs, I thought I was “okay” but boy I was WRONG!! BIG TIME WRONG!

Three years later I would still find myself suffering from the accident.

You see, three years later while I was in the military, my right arm and shoulder became weak and painful and I had to stop working out (I was a gym rat and loved working out). I lived with pain and muscle weakness for the next three years of my life.

And when I finally got out of the military I thought maybe my symptoms would get better, (because I wouldn’t be under as much stress, right?) “WRONG!!”

As a matter of fact, my symptoms grew even worse!

Things only got worse from there.  Not only was my pain and muscle weakness getting worse and worse by the day, but I also started to have chronic sinus issues with Polyps.

What’s a polyp, you ask?

A polyp is a small growth, typically benign and with a stalk, protruding from a mucous membrane.  I know it sounds pretty gross and I can tell you it’s not fun either.

ft-lauderdale-allergy-doctorOver the next 6 months I had 3 full blown sinus surgeries! The last surgery caused me to lose 20 pounds!  Mainly because I couldn’t eat..  The main reason for the weight loss was that I was losing blood and vomiting clumps of blood because they could not stop the bleeding from the last surgery.

And the downward spiral continued…

I eventually went off to college after my military service, but I dropped out of the 1st semester because of my inability to concentrate on my studies.

Why couldn’t I concentrate?   Well, let me ask you something, would you find it difficult to concentrate if you were dealing with chronic sinus issues, chronic nasal drip, fatigue, chest pain, back pain and shoulder pain all at the same time?

That’s what I thought, and that’s exactly what I was going through.  It was almost unbearable at times.

On top of all that B.S., my problems were causing me to wake up in the middle of the night with total and complete loss of feeling and movement in my right arm.  How scary is that?  REAL SCARY!

It felt like a dead piece of meat hanging off my body…

I would get up and walk around the house to try and stimulate feeling back in my arm.

My first step was to go an see a Medical Doctor.  Which ended up being the worst decision I made.  All he did was spend a few minutes with me, barely listened to what I was experiencing and then just prescribed some pills to me like it was just “part of the procedure”.


He said, “Here, I’m going to give you these pain pills and muscle relaxers and you should be fine.”

I was so disgusted with him and his lack of empathy that I never took the pills.

Look, I know I wasn’t a doctor at the time, but even I knew some “pills” weren’t going to solve my issues.

And get this!  Without ever taking an X-ray or even getting a personal or family history from me, or even performing one single test, he blindly diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!  Can you believe that? “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?” How would he know if he didn’t do any tests?  This guy was a total “quack”.

Seriously, at this point, I didn’t know what to do…

Months went by and with each passing day my condition progressively got worse and worse.

Then one day, a friend I had not seen in years, contacted me and wanted to catch up with me and have lunch.

When we had lunch that day, we asked all the questions that people typically ask of friends they haven’t seen in forever.

Questions like,

“So what have you been up to?

“How’s your mom and dad?”

“Are you married or dating anyone?”

“Do you have kids now?”

What do you do for a living?”

…etc, etc.

I found out that he had gone to study chiropractic for several year.  Seven years to be exact. I didn’t know that chiropractic required so much schooling at the time. I thought it was some course you took on weekend for a few months. lol  Nothing it further from the truth.  The doctor of chiropractic requires just as much school as a medical doctor if not more.  As a matter of fact, chiropractors take almost 400 more class room hours that MD’s studying the exact same topics.


As I began to probe him with more questions about chiropractic, he began to explain the science, art and philosophy of his profession.

This is what I learned from him that day…

  • The body is a self healing, self regulating organism
  • The brain, spinal cord and nervous system control and regulate ever cell, organ and tissue in the body
  • If there is any physical, chemical, or emotional stress to the nervous system, it can interfere with how the nervous system works
  • If our nerves don’t work right, we don’t work right and that can lead to pain, sickness or dis-ease
  • Chiropractic removes interference from the nervous system allowing our body’s to first heal and then work properly and express optimal health and well-being.

As he was explaining all this, I started to think back to the diving accident I had in high school and all the “physical stress/trauma” is must have caused to my nervous system.

Then I started thinking about all the emotional stress I had gone through over the last several year because of all the pain and aggravation I was experiencing from my health problems.

I started to think back to the malnourishment I experienced because I couldn’t hold down food because of all the bleeding and vomiting from my surgeries.  (Which by the way, the surgeries were even more “physical stress” on my body).

It all made total sense to me.  So I asked him straight up…

“Hey man, do you think you can help me?”  …and I explained everything I had been going through.

And do you know what he said to me?

He said, “I don’t know.”


I was expecting him to say, “Oh ya dude, come on in, I can fix you right up.”

…but he said, “I don’t know.”

He went on to explain that there was no way he could determine if he could help me just by listening to my story.

He explained that he would have to perform a proper exam on me, possibly take x-rays, do Surface EMG Scans, orthopedic and neurological test and a variety of other test.  …then, and only then, would he be able to let me know if he could help.

Surface EMG’s allow us to see how well or how bad your nerves are working (it’s a 100% painless procedure)


He encouraged me to make an appointment in his office to get checked.

I was a little skeptical at first, but what he said made total sense. …and at this point, what did I have to lose?

You see, I knew nothing about chiropractic at the time, other than what he explained at lunch.

It’s kind of funny now, because what I have found over the years is that most “skeptics” just don’t have all the facts.  Skepticism is actually a good thing, (I’m a skeptic myself), skepticism allows us to be on guard and protect both us and our families from harm doing, but it’s also our duty to learn as much as we can about the topic we are so skeptical about.  …because if we don’t, they we are just ignorant. And being ignorant is no way to live our life.

So I scheduled my appointment to see him and after performing all the proper tests, he informed me that I was in fact a great candidate for chiropractic care in his office and that I was finally going to heal after so many years of living in pain.

I began treatment in his office and after 4 months of care 3x a week (a 45 minute drive each way!!!) my life changed.

It was the best decision I had ever made about my health!

After 4 months, I had no more symptoms.

He was the first “real doctor” to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I say “real doctor” because that “quack pot” MD I went to, didn’t do anything for me other than try push his drugs on me.

I’m sorry, but that’s not a “real doctor”, that’s a drug pusher.  The word doctor in “latin” means “teacher”.  And I can tell you straight up that I was taught more about my health from a chiropractor than any Medical Doctor ever did.

You see, my x-rays revealed that I had been living the last several years of my life with a broken neck!!   The fourth bone down in neck (C4) had a clearly visible compression fracture!!


That compression fracture was choking off my spinal cord and preventing by brain from properly communicating with certain areas of my body.  It was literally choking the life out of me.

After I completely healed, I decided I wanted to become a chiropractor myself.  The way I saw it, chiropractic gave me my life back!!  I was back on top, working out and enjoying all the things that life has to offer!!  All the thing that I had been robbed of because of my health problems.

I ended up attending the finest Chiropractic College in the world, “Life College”….and now, I get to bring this wonderful Healing Art of Chiropractic to people in our community every single day.

It has been a true blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That diving accident helped me find my purpose in life and I thank God every single day that it happened. Yes, you heard me right! I think God every day that I had that diving accident…because if didn’t happen the way it did, I wouldn’t be here writing this right now, I wouldn’t have helped bring so much health and healing to people in our community and and you and I certainly would not have crossed paths.

So, I know this was long story, but I wanted you to know who I am and what I’m all about. I’m here to serve.  I’m ready to see if I can help YOU. Are you ready to find out?

Call me today (954) 489-4790 

Whether you have been to a chiropractor before or not,  I promise you, we’re different than every other doctor’s office in down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a medical doctor’s office or another chiropractic office. We’re different and we’re better.  I know that’s really bold of me to make a statement like that, but it’s the truth.  You just don’t find loving, caring offices like ours anymore.

Seriously, have you ever had a doctor, of any kind, share such a personal story with you?  …and be so completely transparent, upfront, and candid with you?

Exactly my point.  I want my patients to know that I care, I listen and more importantly, I get results.

My wife, Amy and I  will take care of you like we do our own family.  …pinky swear. ;-)

We’re only here to serve you…nothing more nothing less.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Love and Wisdom,

Dr. Jose Orta

P.S. Just in case you scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page and didn’t read a word of my story above, I want you to know that I’m here to serve you.  Look, I know what you’re going through right now. I lived several years of my life in agonizing pain (you can read all about it above if you decide to) and after having a medical doctor try to push drugs on me and cover up my symptoms, I decided to give chiropractic a try and it was the best decision i ever made.  I finally found the answers to what was causing all my health problems.  Now I live pain free!  …but don’t take my word for it.  Take my patient’s word for it.  You can read and listen to their stories below.

P.P.S. If you’re ready to give chiropractic a chance, I’m here to help.  Call me today (954) 489-4790